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Peter M. Todd (PI)
Peter M. Todd (PI)

Adaptive Behavior and Cognition—West

parging spaces simulation movieThe Adaptive Behavior and Cognition Lab–West (ABC-West) is dedicated to exploring the cognitive mechanisms that people (and other animals) use to behave adaptively in their environments. We study the interactions between behavior and environment at multiple scales–including how cognitive mechanisms have evolved in response to particular environmental structures, how behaviors are learned through interactions with the environment, and how behaving and acting in the world can change the environmental structures that agents face in the future. We look at particular adaptively important domains such as mate choice and food choice, and we use tools including agent-based modeling and simulation and laboratory experiments. ABC-West was formed in 2005 through budding from the original ABC Research Group in Berlin, Germany.

Global conference focuses on social, behavioral network sciences

top_01Some of the world’s leading network scientists will soon share their latest research at a conference hosted by Indiana University. NetSci 2006: International Workshop and Conference on Network Science brings together leading researchers and practitioners such as analysts, modeling experts and visualization specialists. Workshop sessions will be May 16-20 at McCormick Creek’s Canyon Inn in Spencer, Ind. The general conference will convene, May 22-25, at the Indiana Memorial Union on the IU campus. More…