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ACM and Kinsey honors

ACM, the professional association of computer scientists and computing professionals, announced today that I was named a Distinguished Scientist. Here is the list of other ACM members who got this award. This is a great honor and I am grateful. But my thanks go especially to my many amazing collaborators (colleagues, postdocs, visiting scholars, and especially students) without whom my contributions and impact would not exist — this award is also yours!

And while I am bragging, let me also mention that I was recently named a Senior Research Fellow of The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. This is another great honor and I am excited about our team’s collaboration with the Kinsey Institute on the Kinsey Reporter project. The Kinsey Institute has an awesome tradition of trailblazing research and I hope that we can make a small contribution to it. Thanks to both the Kinsey Reporter team and our Kinsey collaborators!

School of Informatics and Computing!

SoIC logo
SoIC logo

Important changes in the school go into effect July 1, 2009: The IUB part of the school is now named School of Informatics & Computing and we won’t have internal departments (CS and Informatics) anymore. Faculty will be organized in three internal, transparent (invisible), anonymous divisions. I chair one of these, internally referred to as divA (we are divA faculty)… Seriously, I hope this will help us market our brand better for its breadth, attract more students, improve our ranking, and get rid of some arbitrary/historical internal barriers to innovative curriculum and interdisciplinary research.