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websci14We are excited to announce that the ACM Web Science 2014 Conference will be hosted by our center on the beautiful IUB campus  June 23–26, 2014. Web Science studies the vast information network of people, communities, organizations, applications, and policies that shape and are shaped by the Web, the largest artifact constructed by humans in history. Computing, physical, and social sciences come together, complementing each other in understanding how the Web affects our interactions and behaviors. Previous editions of the conference were held in Athens, Raleigh, Koblenz, Evanston, and Paris. The conference is organized on behalf of the Web Science Trust by general co-chairs Fil Menczer, Jim Hendler, and Bill Dutton. Follow us on Twitter and see you in Bloomington!

Dataset of 53.5 billion clicks available

IU Click Collection System
IU Click Collection System

To foster the study of the structure and dynamics of Web traffic networks, we are making available to the research community a large Click Dataset of 13 53.5 billion HTTP requests collected at Indiana University. Between 2006 and 2010, our system generated data at a rate of about 60 million requests per day, or about 30 GB/day of raw data. We hope that this data will help develop a better understanding of user behavior online and create more realistic models of Web traffic. The potential applications of this data include improved designs for networks, sites, and server software; more accurate forecasting of traffic trends; classification of sites based on the patterns of activity they inspire; and improved ranking algorithms for search results.


Web Science Lab and Web Science Network


We welcome the Web Science Lab to our center! This underscores our ongoing collaborations in the emerging discipline of Web Science. Since February 2012, CNetS is a member of WSTNet, an international network bringing together world-class research laboratories to support the Web Science research and education program. The Web Science Network of Laboratories combines some of the world’s leading academic researchers in Web Science, with  academic programs that enhance the already growing influence of Web Science. The member labs, from institutions that also include USC, MIT, Northwestern, Oxford, and Southampton among others, provide valuable support for the ongoing development of Web Science. Contributions from the labs include the organization and hosting of summer schools, workshops and meetings, including the WebSci conference series.