How to contribute

This website

This collection is maintained by Giovanni Luca

The website you see is built from MarkDown documents using
Jekyll, a blog-aware static page generator.

How to make contributions

Contributions to this collection are most welcome! The source code of the
website is hosted on IU’s Enterprise Github. To browse the source code you can
click here (note: requires a IU
account). You can also clone the repository, provided that you can access IU’s
github, on your local machine with the following command:

git clone

Once you have the repository cloned on your machine, you can build the website
by following the instructions on the provided
file. This requires Jekyll to be installed.

To be able to push your contributions to the repository you must first be added
as a collaborator to the repository. Please contact the maintainer if you are
not a collaborator and want to become one. An alternative method is to fork the
and send pull
to the

Format of contributions

The guides are located under howtos/. Please compose your contributions as
text files using Markdown. Both the plain Markdown syntax
here or the GitHub-flavored one are OK.