Web of Science Terms of Use

The Web of Science (WoS) data is proprietary and the protection of proprietary
data is a key priority for the Indiana University Network Science Institute
(IUNI). Any violation of the terms of use may result in a termination of the
contract with Thomson Reuters, resulting in significant challenges for research
using WoS data throughout the University. Users are prohibited from:

Copying, publishing or disseminating any portion of the WoS data; Transferring
any part of the WoS data to any individual or group both inside and outside the

Users may export research products such as charts, summary tables, figures,

Papers reporting results of analyses carried out on the WoS data must add the
following line in the Acknowledgement section:

“This work uses Web of Science data by Thomson Reuters provided by the Indiana
University Network Science Institute.”

All users must comply with this policy. Should there be any breach of the
rules, the user will lose access to the data permanently, as well as risk other
sanctions. After reading and accepting these guidelines, prospective users may
obtain access to the server where the data is kept. To do so, they need to
contact Professor Santo Fortunato (santo@indiana.edu).