Program committee

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Luca M. Aiello (Yahoo! Research – Spain)
Jisun An (University of Cambridge – UK)
Andrea Baronchelli (City University of London – UK)
Andras Benczur (Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Hungary)
Giovanni Ciampaglia (Indiana University – USA)
Michele Coscia (Harvard University – USA)
Pasquale De Meo (University of Messina – Italy)
Alessandro Flammini (Indiana University – USA)
Santo Fortunato (Aalto University – Finland)
Matteo Gagliolo (Université Libre de Bruxelles – Belgium)
Bruno Goncalves (Aix-Marseille Université – France)
Maria Grineva (Yandex Labs – USA)
Marco Alberto Javarone (Università di Sassari – Italy)
Andreas Kaltenbrunner – (Barcelona Media – Spain)
Jerome Kunegis (University of Cambridge – UK)
Haewoon Kwak (Telefonica Research – Spain)
Andrea Lancichinetti (Northwestern University – USA)
Mariantonietta La Polla (National Research Council – Italy)
Illias Leontiadis (Telefonica Research – Spain)
Nicola Perra (Northeastern University – USA)
Giovanni Petri (ISI Foundation – Italy)
Alexander Petersen (IMT Lucca – Italy)
Alessandro Provetti (Oxford-Man Institute – UK)
Jose’ J. Ramasco (IFISC CSIC-UIB – Spain)
Giancarlo Ruffo (University of Turin – Italy)
Roberta Sinatra (Northeastern University – USA)
Mauro Sozio (Telecom ParisTech – France)
Claudia Wagner (GESIS, Leibniz Institute – Germany)
Ingmar Weber (Qatar Computing – Qatar)
Shangguan Zhenning (RPI – USA)

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