Espresso Club

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The CNetS Espresso Club is devoted to the proper transformation of caffeine into science. Our Gaggia Platinum Swing espresso machine replaces the previous Gaggia Syncrony Digital that was donated by the School of Informatics in 2003, leading to a historic increase in research productivity (see chart), until its retirement in 2012. Faculty, staff, student, postdocs, visitors, etc. can make use of this machine for a nominal per-shot fee.

Fil is the Espresso Club czar and Richie Jacob Mike Lilian Onur Clayton Nathan Matt Manita is the Executive Associate Barista. That means they collect money, buy coffee (fair trade only) and other supplies, perform periodical maintenance of the espresso machine (e.g. descaling), and oversee daily maintenance.

Buying Espresso

The CNetS Espresso Club is supported by Google

The Espresso Club charges for coffee on a shot-by-shot basis. Thanks to a generous gift from Google, the cost for one shot of espresso effective Fall 2012 is subsidized as follows:

  • Students:
    • $0.20 for mild aroma
    • $0.30 for medium aroma
    • $0.40 for strong aroma
  • Everyone else:
    • $0.40 for mild aroma
    • $0.60 for medium aroma
    • $0.80 for strong aroma

Note that a double shot (like one with strong aroma) costs twice as much as a single, and a shot with 10.5g of coffee (medium aroma) costs 50% more than the regular 7g dose (mild aroma). Next to the machine you will find a small box filled with index cards. You can use one of these cards, labeled with your name, to track the number of shots of espresso for which you have prepaid or, in an emergency, for which you have yet to pay. Please pay in advance (use the convenient cards) and use bills rather than coins!

Do’s and don’ts

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  • Do learn how the espresso machine works: read, watch, or ask!
  • Do your share of cleaning and maintenance:
    1. Empty water and coffee grounds several times a day
    2. Rinse the brew group at least twice a week
  • Don’t increase the default aroma (= dosage) setting from mild to medium (or strong)! You can increase it for your individual shot, in which case be sure to pay accordingly!
  • Don’t touch the grinder setting
  • If you steam milk for cappuccino/latte:
    • Do clean the frothing steam wand
    • Don’t use other people’s milk in the fridge; bring your own
  • Do consult the manual.

espresso club page qrThis page is online at where you can click the links and learn more. Or scan this QR code to get to it.

The Breville espresso machine belongs to IUNI. See IUNI staff if you have any questions.