Web Science 2014 Data Challenge

The datasets described below are used in the Web Science 2014 Data Challenge. For more, information, please the call for participation. For updates, see the Data Challenge section of the Web Science 2014 website.

There are 4 datasets in this collection. Each is available as a .tar.gz file containing either .json or .csv files. When the JSON format is used, each .json file contains a single JSON object. The format of that object is dependent on the dataset. See below for details. The datasets have been prepared by Dimitar Nikolov.

1. Web Traffic

A collection of Web (HTTP) requests for the month of November 2009. This is a small sample of the larger click dataset, documented here. (More on Web Traffic project).

JSON object format:

    'timestamp': 123456789, # Unix timestamp
    'from': '...', # the referrer host
    'to': '...', # the target host
    'count': 1234 # the number of request between the referrer and target hosts that occurred within the given hour

The data has been aggregated for every hour of the day. Thus, if more than one request occurred from the same referrer host to the same target host between, say, 2pm and 3pm, this is reflected in the ‘count’ field of the JSON object with a timestamp for 2pm, rather than by a different JSON object with a different timestamp.

Dataset statistics:

  • Dataset size: 235M requests
  • File size: 2.7GB uncompressed
  • Time period: Nov 1, 2009 – Nov 22, 2009

Data: web-clicks-nov-2009.tgz (321MB)

If you use this dataset in your research, please cite either or both of these papers:

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2. Twitter

A collection of records extracted from tweets for the month of November 2012 containing both #hashtags and URLs as part of the tweet. (More on Truthy project)

JSON object format:

    'timestamp': 123456789, # Unix timestamp
    'user_id': 12345, # an integer uniquely identifying the user who tweeted
    'hashtags': ['...', '...', '...'], # a list of hashtags used in the tweet
    'urls': ['...', '...', '...'] # a list of links used in the tweet

Dataset statistics:

  • Dataset size: 27.8M tweets
  • File size: 3.5GB uncompressed
  • Time Period: Nov 1, 2012 – Nov 30, 2012

Data: tweets-nov-2012.json.gz (865MB)

If you use this dataset in your research, please cite either or both of these papers:

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3. Social Bookmarking

A collection of bookmarks from for the month of November 2009. (More on GiveALink project)

JSON object format:

    'timestamp': 123456789, # Unix timestamp for when the URL was posted
    'url': '...', # the URL that was bookmarked
    'hashtags': ['...', '...', '...'] # a set of tags attached to the URL by the (anonymous) user

Dataset statistics:

  • Dataset size: 61,665 posts (approximately 430,000 triples)
  • File size: 12MB uncompressed
  • Time period: Nov 1, 2009 – Nov 30, 2009

Data: givealink-nov-2009.tgz (2MB)

If you use this dataset in your research, please cite either or both of these papers:

    author = {Markines, B. and Stoilova, L. and Menczer, F.},
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4. Publications

Metadata for the complete set of all PubMed records through 2012 (with part of 2013 available as well), including title, authors, and year of publication. All data provided originates from NLM’s PubMed database (as downloaded April 24, 2013 from the NLM FTP site) and was retrieved via the Scholarly Database.

CSV format:

PubMed ID1,title1,year of publication1,author1|author2|author3|…
PubMed ID2,title2,year of publication2,author4|author1|author5|…

Dataset statistics:

  • Dataset size: 21.5 mil publications and 10.8 mil authors
  • File size: 3.1GB uncompressed
  • Time period: 1809 – 2013

Data: publications-1809-2013.tar.gz (1.4GB)

If you use this dataset in your research, please cite either or both of these papers:

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