• March 2016. To appear: C. Shao, G. L. Ciampaglia, A. Flammini, F. Menczer; Hoaxy: A Platform for Tracking Online Misinformation, Third Workshop on Social News On the Web (SNOW), to be held in conjunction with the 25th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2016) in Montreal.

    This blog entry summurizes it. Also commented here on the Stack.
  • March 2016. To appear: E. Ferrara, O. Varol, F. Menczer, A. Flammini; Detection and Prediction of Social Media Campaigns, Proceeding of the Tenth Conference on Web and Social Media, ICWSM 2016
  • January 2016: Last spring we got 3rd position in a DARPA organized challenge for the detection of social bots. A paper about the competition will appear on IEEE Computer. Here is story told by the MIT Tech Review . With E. Ferrara, F. Menczer, P. Shiralkar, and O. Varol
  • December 2015: Social media news consumers at higher risk of ‘information bubbles,’ IU study says. IU Press release about “Measuring online social bubbles”
  • December 2015: Our recent work on “Measuring online social bubbles” has just been published on Peer J Computer Science. It can be downloaded here. With D. Nikolov, D. Oliveira, F. Menczer.
  • November 2015: Two of our papers on fact-checking covered in El Espanol – Adiós a las mentiras
  • October 2015: Our paper “On predictability of rare events leveraging social media: a machine learning perspective” (with E. Ferrara and L. Le) to be presented at COSN 2015. Paper is here
  • September 2015: Best poster award at ECCS 2015 for our work on Bot detection (with C. Davis, E. Ferrara, F. Menczer, and O. Varol)
  • September 2015: Several joint papers presented by my collaborators at ECCS 2015
  • September 2015: Recently published: Journal of Informetrics: Quality versus quantity in scientific impact, with J. Kaur, E. Ferrara, F. Menczer, F. Radicchi.
  • July 2015: Few press releases about: “Cooperative and competitive spreading dynamics on the human connectome”, Neuron, 86, 1518-1529, 2015. Medical Daily: What The Human Brain And Twitter Have In Common: How Information Spreads On Social Media Being Used To Map Brain Networks; ACM Tech News: Network Model for Tracking Twitter Memes Sheds Light on Information Spreading in the Brain; Science News Online: Network Model for Tracking Twitter Memes Sheds Light on Information Spreading in the Brain; Indiana University Newsroom: Network model for tracking Twitter memes sheds light on information spreading in the brain
  • June 2015: Just published on Neuron: “Cooperative and Competitive Spreading Dynamics on the Human Connectome”. Below, the cover of the magazine dedicated to the paper. The paper can be found here. With B. Mišić, R. F. Betzel, A. Nematzadeh, J. Goñi, A. Griffa, P. Hagmann, Y-Y Ahn, and O. Sporns.
  • June 2015: Several press releases about “Computational fact checking from knowledge networks”; PLOS ONE 10(6): e01289193, 2015, including from: Phys.org, IU press, Wired (UK), Scientific Computing, Science Daily, Nature, ACM Tech News, Wall Street Journal, Politifact, Pacific Standard
  • June 2015: Just published: “Computational fact checking from knowledge networks”. Paper can be found here. With G. L. Ciampaglia, P. Shiralkar, L. M. Rocha, J. Bollen, F. Menczer.
  • June 2015: Just published: Q. Ke, E. Ferrara, F. Radicchi, and A. Flammini; Defining and identifying sleeping beauties in science. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(24):7426-7431, 2015.