Fil Menczer

I am a Professor of Informatics and Computer Science at the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing, and a member (and former director) of the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research. I also have courtesy appointments in Cognitive Science and Physics, serve on the Scientific Leadership Team of the IU Network Science Institute (IUNI), and am a Senior Research Fellow of The Kinsey Institute and a Fellow at the ISI Foundation in Torino, Italy.

Research in my group, NaN, spans computational social science, Web science, and data science, with a focus on analysis and models of information spreading dynamics in online social networks. We also study social computing, Web search and data mining, and science of science.

My calendar is a bit crowded. You may schedule an appointment with Tara Holbrook, our center’s administrative assistant. Or you can try your luck by Doodle MeetMeemail, phone (+1-812-856-1377), fax (+1-812-855-0600), or in person (Informatics East room 314).

Prospective students interested in joining my group, NaN, should look at this advice before contacting me. Then, if still interested, they should apply to one of our PhD programs: Informatics (Complex Systems track), Computer ScienceCognitive Science, or a combination. I am usually unable to respond to inquiries from prospective students unless they have already been admitted to one of these programs.

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