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The Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research (CNetS) focuses on fostering interdisciplinary research in all areas related to complex networks and systems, computational social science, and data science. We mine, model, and analyze complex systems and networks, producing high-impact and high-visibility research that applies, and occasionally develops, AI approaches to a wide range of topics: from modeling online diffusion and influence to detecting social bots and online manipulation, and from science of science to climate studies and a range of health-related topics.



3 new tools to study and counter online disinformation

Researchers at CNetS, IUNI, and the Indiana University Observatory on Social Media have launched upgrades to two tools playing a major role in countering the spread of misinformation online: Hoaxy and Botometer.  A third tool Fakey -- an educational game designed to make people smarter new...

Radicchi appointed as Associate Editor for Physical Review E

CNetS faculty Filippo Radicchi assumed the position of Associate Editor at Physical Review E, the flagship journal for Complex Networks and Systems research. Radicchi will handle manuscripts submitted to the journal’s “Networks and Complex Systems” section. See also Luddy's press release and...

CNetS researchers reach finals of the Prosocial Ranking Challenge

We are developing a “bridging” algorithm to rerank social media feeds, aiming to foster civil discussions and appeal to a diverse audience, thus creating a more positive and inclusive online environment. We accomplish this by promoting content that elicits diverse and positive responses while demoti...

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