New Journals: Network Science and EPJ Data Science

Cambridge JournalsNetwork Science is a new journal for a new discipline -- one using the network paradigm, focusing on actors and relational linkages, to inform research, methodology, and applications from many fields across the natural, social, engineering and informational sciences. Given growing understanding of the interconnectedness and globalization of the world, network methods are an increasingly recognized way to research aspects of modern society along with the individuals, organizations, and other actors within it. I serve on the editorial team together with several IU colleagues. Network Science is published by Cambridge University Press. For further details, visit the official website or the informal site here at IU.

EPJ data scienceI also serve on the editorial board of EPJ Data Science, a new journal that aims to address the challenges of extracting meaningful data from systems with ever increasing complexity, analyzing them in ways that allow new insights, generating data that is needed but not yet available, and finding new empirical laws, or more fundamental theories, concerning how any natural or artificial (complex) systems work. This open access journal covers a broad range of research areas and applications and particularly encourages contributions from techno-socio-economic systems, where it comprises those research lines that now regard the digital “tracks” of human beings as first-order objects for scientific investigation. Topics include, but are not limited to, human behavior, social interaction (including animal societies), economic and financial systems, management and business networks, socio-technical infrastructure, health and environmental systems, the science of science, as well as general risk and crisis scenario forecasting up to and including policy advice.