Talk by Diego R. Amancio

When: June 23, 2023 2pm EDT

Where: Luddy Center for Artificial Intelligence 2005 (in-person)

Speaker: Diego R. Amancio

Title: Examining the Influence of top collaborators on authors' metrics


Science has become more collaborative over the past years. Although various aspects of scientific collaboration have been investigated, our study specifically focused on examining the influence of the most significant collaborator on researcher metrics across diverse disciplines. Our analysis showed that the impact of the top collaborator is dependent upon the specific field of study and even highly cited authors may co-author a substantial number of papers and accumulate a considerable proportion of citations with their most important collaborator.  These findings emphasize the significance of top collaborators in shaping research outcomes.


Diego R. Amancio is a faculty member at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. His interests include Science of Science, Network Science, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.