Talk by Mike Conover

Speaker: Mike Conover, LinkedIn

Title: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Gephi

Date: 10/06/2015

Time: 5:15 pm

Room: Informatics West 232

Abstract: Gephi is a familiar standard for exploring the structure of complex networks. Powerful though it is, much of its core functionality remains hidden behind non-obvious user interface elements. In this tutorial session, I'll review some advanced techniques for analyzing and visualizing networks using the Gephi platform, including:

  • Multi-node Brushing, Dragging & Grouping
  • Numeric Range & Categorical Attribute Filtering
  • Attribute-based Color & Sizing
  • Performance Speedups
  • Interactive Analysis
  • Workspaces & Subgraphs
  • Working with Data Laboratory
  • Essential Plugins
  • Layout Parameterization

Feel free to bring laptops loaded with your favorite datasets to hack on during the demo. Ahead of the session, you might want to review the latest materials on OS X / Gephi compatibility [1,2], as there are some JVM issues that can complicate launching Gephi on recent versions OS X. Biography: Mike Conover is a data scientist at LinkedIn and a graduate of the Center for Complex Networks & Systems Research, where his research focused on the structure of political communication networks as part of the Truthy project. At LinkedIn, Mike builds machine learning technologies that leverage the behavior and relationships of hundreds of millions of individuals to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. Mike's research on economic and political networks has been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Hacker News and on NPR.