Talk by Woo Seong Jo


Speaker: Woo Seong Jo, Sungkyunkwan University

Title: Ph.D. Candidate

Date: 10/12/2016

Time: 11am

Room: Informatics East 322

Abstract: We use user-accessible profiles from a web-based well-known social networking service specialized in business and employment. Users often provide information of their work experiences and positions in firms they worked, and also write what are their work skills. We first construct a bipartite network of users who work or worked at a specific company in 2013 and their skills. After then we make projection to the network of skills. From the time evolution of the skill network constructed for a company, we find that an interesting pattern emerges when the company starts a new business sector. As well as the business strategies, we observe how skills are fused with others in skill network. Bio: Wooseong Jo is a Ph.D. Candidate in Statistical Physics in Sungkyunkwan University (supervisor: Beom Jun Kim). His interests are in modeling and visualization of complex systems such as society, human dynamics as well as the equilibrium system in statistical physics. He has researched on various subjects: analysis fragility in world-bank networks, dynamics of spreading pests, and traditional problems such as spin system and percolation.