Peter Todd

Peter Todd headshot Provost Professor
Cognitive Science, Informatics, and Psychology



* Ph.D., Psychology, Stanford University, 1992
* MA, Psychology, UC San Diego, 1987
* MPhil, Computer Speech and Language Processing, Cambridge University, 1986
* BA, Mathematics, Oberlin College, 1985

Current Research Interests

* Simple heuristics for decision making, and how they capitalize on the structure of information in environments
* Evolution of behavior (experimental approaches to evolutionary psychology and computer simulations of simple organisms adapting to different environmental structures, both physical and social)
* Emergence of environment structure through interactions of populations of agents following simple behavioral rules
* How people and other animals search for resources in time and space, from sequential search for mates or jobs to foraging for prey or parking spaces
* Artificial life approaches to music
* Making decisions about food and eating, and cognition of consumption