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NaN-list is a private mailing list to route messages to members of the Network & agents Network, a.k.a. Fil Menczer’s lab. Messages include meeting reminders and abstracts, calls for papers and participation of relevant conferences and journals, relevant job ads (postdoc, academic, industry research labs), pointers to relevant news and publications, and occasionally other announcements or requests.

If you wish to subscribe, browse archives, send messages to the list, manage your membership, or unsubscribe, follow these instructions. Note: the name of the list is nan-l (“l” as in “list”). Membership is moderated for spam prevention. If Fil does not know you, contact him after subscribing to explain who you are and why you want to join. Typically the list is open only to people with an IU affiliation. If you have an IU List account, you can visit the list homepage to manage your subscription, browse the archive, etc.

NOTE 1: If you are unable to follow these directions, then you failed your first test; you might want to contact the help desk rather than me for assistance. 

NOTE 2: When you send a message to the list, be sure to send it from the same email address that is subscribed to the list. If you send the message from a different address, your message will be rejected.