Networks & agents Networks

NaN is a research group exploring the modeling, simulation, and analysis of complex social and information networks, and the human and artificial agents who live in these networks. Broadly speaking our research spans network science, data science, web science, and computational social science.

Observatory on Social Media

Recently our focus has been on modeling the dynamic processes that occur online (how information networks grow and evolve, how memes go viral, how social media can be manipulated for the spread of misinformation, how attention bursts and other traffic patterns emerge, etc.) and on the design of tools to make the Web and social media ‘better’ (more trustworthy, reliable, intelligent, autonomous, robust, personalized, contextual, scalable, adaptive, and so on). Please refer to the Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe, pronounced “awesome”), a collaboration with the Media School and the IU Network Science Institute (IUNI), for more information about this line of research and related tools, including Botometer, Hoaxy, Fakey, BotSlayer, and more.

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