Detecting Early Signature of Persuasion in Information Cascades (DESPIC)

despicThe DESPIC project aimed to design a system detect persuasion campaigns at their early stage of inception, in the context of online social media. This open problem is challenging due to the fact that, during the early phase of formation of these persuasion campaigns (such as orchestrated misinformation, rumors, and viral advertising commercials) the amount of observable content is sparse, the information diffusion network is still small, and no large cascades of memes (for example a given hashtag on Twitter) has happened yet. The early identification of such campaigns is instrumental to understand their epidemic spreading through the whole network, before they become indistinguishable from any grass-root, legitimate topic.

The milestones of this project included:

  • Developing state-of-the-art clustering and classification techniques to early detect and aggregate topics, exploiting both content-based features (e.g., text or sentiment) and network-based patterns (e.g., the diffusion network), from social media data streams.
  • Combining sophisticated network analysis with content and time series mining in a machine learning framework to automatically detect, in near-real-time, coordinated persuasion campaigns.
  • Apply these techniques to the detection of social bots.

Update: Our DESPIC team placed third in the DARPA bot detection challenge. Read How DARPA Took On the Twitter Bot Menace with One Hand Behind Its Back in MIT Technology Review.


IU Principle Investigators

IU Research Team


The DESPIC project was a collaboration with Qiaozhu Mei at the University of Michigan and Sergey Malinchik at Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs.


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This project was partially supported by DARPA (SMISC project, award W911NF-12-1-0037). Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of DARPA.